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civic bumper


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i know some people have done the civic front end, but i yet to see s2k tail lights and i want to see them on a del sol.


here you go, in the link there are del sols with integra, prelude, and civic front ends but again no tail lights or anything



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I love them so much and you should do the civic front end and the s2k tail lights. I love that last link with the silver del sol. It is so SEXY. Do you know if those are normal del sol lights or are they like s2k lights.


btw if you want to be more different you could put the s2k gauges in like i am doing in my car. i trying to use s2k pieces in my car like tail lights, gauges, seats, and anything else.


here is the link if you are interested


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conversions can be done fairly easily, theres kits on ebay for the s2k tails, but to make them flow with the rest of the car is hard to do. the silver del sol has del sol headlights, but he added to the hood to make the headlights have more of a slanted look. its fairly common to do that in europe and other countries, i believe he's from slovenia

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You better believe he's from Slovenia:




I am Uros from Slovenia, driving silver Honda delSol Turbo.



People says, life is full of surprises and opportunities. For the last 4 years I've spent lots of hours on my car, trying to modificate it exactly as I wanted and I have to say I 100% succedded. It was a perfect time to do it, without any serious commitments, life costs... but now after few years, some things changed. The car still makes me happy everytime when I see it or drive it, but realizing how much money I've invested makes me thinking, that maybe I should sell it to another car enthusiast, who would like to have it. It will be really hard for me and my girlfriend to give it away after all we have done. If you are interested, contact me to my e-mail uros@mostwanted-team.com for more details.



Check out our team's website: http://www.mostwanted-team.com

(there are also some PARTS FOR SALE! published on the site)


You can also check my girlfriend's GIRLISH STYLE CIVIC :)


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I think the S2K's are branches from Del Sols. But, I wouldn't mind doing an S2K cluster and taillight swap. Haha, that's just my two cents. Civic front end doesn't look bad, but a Sol isn't a sol without the Aux. Lights.

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you could be a little more specific on the gen of civic. here are a few:











and just for the hell of it, heres a decent teg conversion











notice how the ones I posted aren't ricy as hell?

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