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93 civic coupe overheating issue


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I've done a search on overheating issues and nothing I found seems to correlate with what I'm seeing. If anyone has some words of wisdom I would appreciate it.


The only time it overheats is when running on the interstate in excess of 70mph. Turning off the ac helped but didn't fix issue.

It is fine in town, stop and go and idling etc ..

I'm loosing no coolant.

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Radiator on casual inspection looks immaculate. I will give it a much more thorough inspection today. If that doesn't reveal anything I might just go ahead and replace the thermostat preemptively.

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seems odd to be overheating on the highway but not going slow if its a thermo , but you never know.

I thought the same with my Talon, but once I replaced the thermo the overheating issue went away.

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