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looking into a turbo

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im not the richest person, and i know many people are in my boat...but im starting to look into putting a turbocharger onto my 02civic ex.....im almost done with paying it off...is it going to be possible to get a good setup for around and hopefully under 1350-1500???i hope alot more....i dont need the best...


also..what kind of gains will i see when after i get it....??

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haha. well depends on what kind of boost you're going to run. You can get a massive horsepower increase with turbos, but horsepower isnt the important thing, you want torque :D haha. (i drove my 1971 Chevelle today, 4 barrell carb, 307, roasted the tires off her, but thats for another time).


Look into a garrett turbo kit, id imagine you dont want to junk together you're own, its risky when you dont know what you're doing. Google is an amazing thing, but always ask your HF family before you buy a product, these boys/girls know what they're talking about.


1500 would be a pretty cheap setup, if i remember right. But you might be able to get one used... Id figure for a new turbo over 2,000, around 2500 or so. You can push 8lbs of boost safely, i believe. Be careful with your stock motor :)

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i was on sport compact only...and i saw a turbo from hahn racecraft.....and there like 875 for one...im taking i should go with a more reputatable maker???


also...bout how many hp and foot/lbs of torque could i see as a gain

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as i said earlier, you can see big numbers, or just a 25% gain (still decent gain) depends on how much boost you use. And if you just looked for 'turbo' then you're not including the wastegate, intercooler, BOV, etc.


p.s. if i seem grumpy, its just cuz im hung over, im only here to help :)

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when i say turbo..i mean kits...i dont plan on building my own..sry for the unclear statement...i apprecipate your input....i found a kit on turbo-kits.com and it has the following specs



Garrett T25 Turbo w/ wastegate

Cast Exhaust Manifold

Chrome Heat Shield

Downpipe w/ Gasket

Map Unit

TSI Blow Off Valve

TSI High Flow Front-Mount Intercooler

Polished Aluminum Intercooler Piping

2 Injectors and interface block

TSi injection Control System Settings

SS Braided Lines for Water Cooling

SS Braided Lines for Oiling

Return Hose and Fittings for Oil to pan

All hoses and clamps

All necessary hardware and fittings

generic install instructions



all for 2899

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When you turbocharge you normally want to replace internals. The stock stuff just isn't meant to handle that.....but you should be safe up to about 8-10 psi.....

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If you were to go with that kit you should also upgrade to the dual ball bearing T25 or T28.


alright then..i think you can upgrade with that...im going to go try to look into the difference in that....

how am i suppose to make sure its going to fit other then what a website says.....is there anyother way?

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ok..i have been on howstuffworks.com and looking into how turbocharges work and everything..and thought about something that i might have to change.....the speed governer.....im taking i would have to eliminate it some how....any ideas? or will it just eliminate it automatically

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yeah you can easily and safely boost 8 to 10 lbs on stock internals but i do have a friend who pushed it to 14 lbs doesnt have any problems but i wouldnt risk my motor

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