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Kinda New to HF


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hey everyone. some of you might know me from my thread about my 93 HB SI... currently working on getting a student loan for 4,000 so i can do everything i want to my car. In late august i start college as an auto mechanic at LCSC. They're supposed to be the best tech college west of the Mississippi other than Wyo-tech. My schooling is free for this year, thanks to FAFSA. Next year ill re-apply and hope its the same. Ill be investing around 5000 in tools in the next 2 years.


I was t-boned about a month ago in my Subaru and his insurance totalled it, and only offering 2900, we're working on a negotiation right now. So i went to Seattle and bought a 93 SI that was running ridiculously good, but after 2 days of driving, if i took it to 5000 RPM itd burn oil, just like any old civic. well... on the way home i broke a valve, don't ask how. lol.


So now, i plan on taking this student loan and investing 2500 into a B16 SiR II... ill be doing the swap by myself, but have access to the school's lift. =)


Ill do the best i can to take pictures and show my progress on HF. And, i was looking at a thread today... http://honda-tech.com/zerothread?id=1933320 How would that sound with my B16 in a hatch? 150 is cheap, or any other suggestions are welcome.

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ill be embarassed. hahaha. i paid 2,000 for the car, its a POS, which is why its my project car :) even though, its also my only car now that the insurance towed my subaru. lol.


add me on myspace www.myspace.com/kelbyjames-- i was just laughing my ass off at your myspace vid. id seen the supra one, but not the honda one. funny stuff.

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