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K20 into Honda Fit..

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Why the thanks or why the swap?


The swap is sweet. Except for businesses he is the first (or very close to it) person on record doing this. Someone had to have been the first to do the b, h and k swaps into whatever older chassis. Now that person gets to sit back and watch all the followers flock to follow his lead. Would be a really cool feeling.

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a friend of mine had the first k20 swapped EM1 the southeastern US lol.


but, it's..a fit. LOL.


Prolly cause it's the closest thing this gen of Honda enthusiasts will get to experiencing the wonders of the CRX. That's my guess...even though it's a subcompact, it has terrific handling capabilities...just upping the power would make this thing a go-kart.

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I'd deffo love to have a K swapped Fit.


Felix, if you go through with this please take lots of pictures along the way and make a thread for us to follow. I don't know too much about the Fit but it'd be really interesting to see the progression and the eventual differences (think: before and after videos).

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a fit with a K in it would handle like crap , youd come to a corner , try and turn , and the car would keep going straight , haha. can we say understeer?

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