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Off the topic,.. My MK-V GTi..

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you people are ridiculous...


thats awesome man, what all's done to it?


I'm a huge fan of the MKV GTI.


keep up the good work.

Everybody have different opinions on someone's rides,... That's okay.

Not much work been done to my GTi, just some downpipes, cat removed, titanium exhaust, WR cai, Greddy bov, Greddy boost controller, RC engineering injectors, reflashed ecu, bilstein pss9 coil over, Kahn 20" wheels, Toyo T1R 223/30/20 rubber....

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great taste in all your cars


the 20''s are a little big 19''s at most on a dub but i dont love the 20''s as much as i would in 18''s


again.. keep up the good work.

I know,.. Am not a big fan of 20's either.. Am just experimenting with things that arent popular. These 20's are all custom painted by myself. I run a paint and custom w'shop here in Jakarta. I just love to be different and individual. I have another set of OZ CRONO HT 19'. I'll swap'em when I have the time.

18's are standard size on my GTi... So, I thought i go bigger than oem size wheels. For JDM, 18' is the biggest allowed (Depending on the car of coz) My (ex)Civic and FIT all run on 15's....

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Damn those are big wheels. Other than that it looks nice, and I usually dont like Vdub's.

This is my first vdub in my entire life, bro,.. I had the same thinking as you before.

You should drive this crap,... Trust me, you gonna love it...!!!

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VWs are so much different than hondas.


i want an MKII Jetta next. they're so nice and i'll just swap a MKIV 1.8T and be set.

The things's got bags of torque from say,.. 2000 rpm. Perfect built quality and the suspension is just right.

MK-IV is also nice,.. I've seen some sick MK-IV's, real quick ones...

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my friend has a MKIV Jetta Wolfsburg on 18''s lowered and he made me love VWs.


I'm getting tired of the JDM theme crap and very much more into the Euro styling.


poke and stretched wheels/tires just looks awesome.


anyway keep up the good work.

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that golf is well nice, the wheels are sh*t hot!

whoever said they would take the MKIV instead, what are on about! it was bland, and the gti was sposed to be fairly crap, not a 'real' gti.

did you get the wheels like that, or were they sprayed afterwards? i love the coloured lip look on cars.

The wheels came with silver center with polished lip,.. I painted them...

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