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Smaller Rims...


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I don't get it. How is this PS of the new smaller rim onto the old larger tire a representation of what the new smaller rim will look like in place of the old larger wheel/rim combination? Shouldn't both the wheel and rim be shrunk down since they both will be much smaller?


I like the stock rims. Sorry. That's just my preference. I don't assume you care, nor do I believe I will dissuade you from your decision. You obviously have purchased AfterMarket rims before and are ready for your next set of AM rims.

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Oooh, looks like we broke you ;)


j/k, anyway: No photoshop needed, they will look good. (sans center cap, unless that's your style)

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If you like the stockies I'll sell you mine for $250. They have no curb rash whatsoever and have practically brand new tires.


I'm in Baltimore, by the by, in case you are interested. Lookin' to pick me up some LS meshies.

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Not sure, I'll have to get back with ya on that. Got some stuff to pay off, still gotta buy that head from Jeremy. Probably next thursday or so.

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