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Before hitting eBay, make sure you do a lot of research on the JDM interior pieces, so you're not just buying overpriced USDM or anything.

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besides ebay. all there crap is over priced and half of it just claims its jdm and isnt.


That's why you research the JDM models first, so you know what is real JDM, what is EDM, and what is just overpriced USDM.


It's hit or miss on eBay, but if you keep at it you'll find some great pieces at some amazing prices. The majority of my CRX is from eBay. I paid less than going rate on everything I have, and got each piece within a week of ordering it. Beats paying twice as much than going rate on PWJDM or other sites, and having to wait for them to get around to getting the parts in on the container, or having your order cancelled altogether :thumbsup:

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