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Hey fellas


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Long time no talk. Its been a year and a few days actually according to my "last login" thing up top. How is everyone doing? I have been trying to read up on my imports and gain some knowledge. I work at Xtreme Horsepower here in Ft worth, TX but we dont do imports so i dont ever get a chance to touch a honda and learn. I sold my Z as well, and now have a race car, but would like to get another honda for a DD and modify it. Hope all is well!!



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Uh oh, LT1 owner!


Not an LT1 owner anymore. Although i know anything you need to about them. And how to make one go fast (which is a task). I dont have any current pics of my car as it is under the knife right now. Work and more work has got me behind on it. I looked forward to taking it to San antonio and midland this july but i dont think that is happening.


her is a pic i snapped the day i got it home. December 21st or something like that.



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Yeah, well my motor up/downgrading hasn't been constant, haha.


2.0L ZETEC - shat out the ass of lucifer.

5.7L LS1 - Touched by the hand of god.

1.5L D15B8 - wiped off lucifer's arse.

2.5L EJ25 - wiped off of god's sweaty brow.

1.8L B18C - wiped off the devil's taint.

1.5L D15B8 - roadkill.



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