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Mini-me help

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Hey i have a few questions for you guys about a mini-me build. First of all i know that using a complete D16 motor and just rebuilding it isnt a mini-me but that is one of my options right now. I can either get a D16Z6 with tranny for 100 bucks but it has some bent valves and a broken timing belt, but still only 100 dollars. Or i could get a D15B7 Block and find a D16Z6 head to do a mini-me. But my question for you is since i am rebuilding the motor from the ground up and am going to be putting in D16A1 pistons for some higher compression, which way would i get my compression higher to go with the D15B7 block and than Vtec head or just rebuild the D16 with the D16A1 pistons. I am curious to find out which way i would get better compression because i am goign to be trying to race it so if anyone could hook me up with some inof it would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks ahead of time.

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D15B7 block bored .5mm and decked .030"

JDM D15B crank

B18A/B rods

D17A7 .5mm over pistons

D16Z6 head

D16Y8 head gasket


11.87:1 CR with killer topend.

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Though, with it being built..you can spray the hell out of it. Probably a 125 shot with a nice tune..


Even still, you'd have a deceptive little d-series single cam motor.

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