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Took a Few Pics with my moms camera....FTL

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Sooo, here's my car as of an hour ago.
















Real quick if you're curious...




B18A1 Block

B18C1 Head

Ported, 3-angle valve job, decked

JDM B18C Camshafts

Mfactory Adjustable Cam Gears

Distributor King OBD-1 Distributor

Chipped P28 OBD-1 ECU w/ Crome

J-K-Tuning OBD-0-->OBD-1 Conversion Harness

NGK Spark Plugs

NGK Plug Wires

Blox Ported Intake Manifold

Maxbore 62mm LS Throttle Body

E-bay SRI w/ K&N Filter

JDM B18C Exhaust Manifold

New 1 7/8" Cat-back Exhaust w/ resonater



-->AT-MT Conversion

Y1 B16 Cable Trans w/ LSD

Clutchmasters FX100 Clutch

Clutchmasters FX100 PP

Clutchmasters 8 lb. Flywheel


B&M Short Throw Shifter

ITR Shift Knob




'92 Integra RS 14" Hubbies

Sprint Lowering Springs

Newer OEM Struts

New headlights, taillights, front lip, Rear Wiper Delete Plug, and painted moldings



'92 GSR Front Seats

New Floor Mats, sun visors, rear speaker grills, and rear-view mirror

Sony Headunit w/ Front Aux-in

Ecplise 6.5" 3-way speakers in front

Polk 6.5" 2-way speakers in rear

Scosche Speaker Wire

Rockford Fosgate Stage 2 Punch 10" Sub

Q-logic Thin Box

Lightning Audio 250W Amp

Rockford Fosgate Sub Wiring

Ipod Holder


Aux Cable

Delphi Skyfi 2 XM Radio Receiver


+more...and much more to come! :pirate:

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How's she run with the tranny?


By the way..I failed to mention..to be as stock as it looks..


Car still looks damn good.

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whoa you changed your name lol....added an engine pic that i forgot.


This trans is absolutely WILD. I love it...even with no vtec yet it actually pulls hard to 6500 rpms....


Buuut, 3500 rpms at 60 mph = loud hhhhhhhahaha

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Yea. Very first swapped car setup I had was an ITR swap with a b16 tranny and tanabe medallion catback exhaust, as well as a couple of other things.


That mess was loud. I hated driving it on the interstate.

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b16 has badass gearing for n/a cars. it won't gain any power, but it'll damn sure speed up your acceleration. (well..it'll keep you well into your powerband.)


gears are cloooooose.


i don't know why i find your stock bodied DA so attractive. haha.

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Chris- yeah...LS trans sucked so bad, so I got the B16 trans w/ LSD, it's so nice lol, shorter gears are so much fun....drops me off at like 5500 rpms after every shift, the LS trans put me at 4000 rpms, haha, so slow.


John- well that is an upgrade for the exhaust manifold, so much better than the LS manifold for sure....as for exhaust, i dunno...i hate paying for piping, so probably not for a while. I'd rather work on suspension and exterior modifications rather than engine for now... :fool:

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Bump for my thread because I'm selfish....and because I took pics and had to upload them on this PC POS lol...


edit: Can someone make me a sig with one of these pics????

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Looking real nice. Ill be honest I never liked DAs until I seen yours Dan, you have done well. JUST GET SOME WHEELS!!! :D


Oh what kinda sig you want?

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I'll get wheels some day...they draw so much attention from cops and other people that I really hate dealing with (8 tickets), so I'll get the JMAG's eventually...


I just want a nice sig with a really small 90IntegraC1 in the corner or something...i dunno, nothing too crazy.

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