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I think its the head gasket...

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I attached a bunch of pictures. The car is burning off about 16oz of coolant every 40 miles or so. No leaks where its actually hitting the ground. The whitish colored stuff is burnt coolant I believe. It is the only visible sign of a leak and it can only be seen on the one side of the block below the level of the head and there is a little bit on the tranny casing too. Car is not overheating, nor is is it running poorly in any fashion. There is also that wonderful sickly-sweet scent in the air too.


I assume its the head gasket, but want to make sure before I invest the effort into taking everything apart.







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Aside from hoses and fittings, which I already triple checked, I'm not missing something obvious that would also be in that same area that might leak coolant am I?


Anyone think of a reason why this head gasket wouldn't work for me? FelPro - second one down on the page


I was 100% sure it was the head gasket from the way it was running off the block. To be sure I checked all the hoses and the WP again and I leaned on a hose by accident and when it flexed an invisible slice in the hose appeared and shot out a little coolant. Damn glad I rechecked everything for the 4th time.

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