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Top Gear Thread


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there was a show where he went to Vegas and asked people on the street basic questions about England.. but no one could answer..


they were like "how can americans love our European cars when they dont know anything about the country"

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It's good to know that Top Gear is watched by you yanks! Its the best program on TV, just waiting for the next season now. I think its kinda ironic how you guys love it, yet Jeremy Clarkson hates most things american lol. I think the best episode was when they went to America, mainly cos it was so dam funny when the red necks came down to that garage in their trucks and they had to do a runner cause they had Hilary Clinton on the side of their car lol.

Clarkson is TV God...


It's far better than the boring shows we get here like Car & Driver TV.


I read the magazine too, even though it costs $11 an issue here.

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