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purchased JDM Type-R assembly


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Yeah so anyways I ordered a set of JDM integra type-R pedals with assembly and the foot rest for my

Type-S. And jhpusa.com sent me just the gas and brake pedal. And I didnt mess up cause they dont even sell that set for automatics. So I might have to send them back cause I dont even know if there is a difference between the brake and clutch assembly. Really I dont even know which one I have. But hopefully they can fix it. Called them on saturday, noonish and I guess they need to talk to the guy that made the sale.

I didnt know if I should put this here or in general disscussion so yeah.





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Well, I want them because I purchased some sparco CF pedals and went to drill/screw them on but the holes(on the pedals) were to close together and the pedal arm got into the way. No way of really knowing this until it was too late. So now I have holes in my pedals, and this came with the whole assembly. Plus they are alot better looking, and clean. Plus I am thinking of doing a type-R conversion. Plus why not buy them, they are way better looking them some crappy plastic pedals.


And I ordered from them and they messed up my order. But crap happens they will fix it. I'm sure.

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