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Pics of the car with my new-ish camera

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Da insides



The new Alpine head unit with iPod cable



Finished washing it 5 seconds before it started raining



The hub caps



And the grill, yeah, yeah the grill




And the worlds best beverage


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Can anyone spot the missing part?




My buddies bike




My buddies G/Fs Camaro, note the ricer body kit....








And the ricer sticker...



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Atleast she has a Z28 and not a 3.8 V6, lol! Is she good looking?


Good stuff for the first day(s) with the camera. Once you learn it, you'll have tons of fun.


Not to thread jack, but I did these with that camera, I should try and find better ones, lol. Those were just on hand.









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Haha... Yeah, we didn't have the welder when we put it on so we just sort of rigged it up best we could. It sounded like it was coming loose when we were driving down. Guess now we know. Sorry, but take heart that it was a cheap muffler anyway.


Looks good, man. Can't wait to see what you do with it.


And change your name, mang!


Edit: Scope that sick suspension setup that's so plainly visible without that ugly muffler in the way!

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Her being hot voids the car being fugly. =)


You know right in front of the "shutter" button? There is a black piece. You move it up right and left to, you will see the arrow go between aperture and shutter. Press down on the piece and it will allow you to adjust it by going right and left, then just press down to get out. That make sense? lol

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Ummm, compared to some that I've driven...



Slower than balls, all it's got is an intake, heavy wheels and a tape on body kit. And it's lowered. But she seems to think that it's soooo fast. I am personally vowing to whoop that ass when my car is done.

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Oh, dear God.


Although the auto-trannies GM bolts up to the LS1 cars are one of the best cheapo auto trannies on the market..


I believe it's known as the A4? God I need to join an LS1/Fbody board.

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-cries his caddy/'iac tears.-


okay, that's good. lol @ domestic trash.


i do find it ironic that you should say that..when the dude's avatar has some kid with a mullet in it..but anyway.

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