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hello everyone


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hello all

its obvious that im new and all and i look forward to posting and all.

first of all ill introduce my self im an aussie im 17 and i just bought a honda prelude 1990si 4 wheel steer.


i wanted to no some things about it coz its weird its only just started happening it is like crunching wen i goto put it into reverse it happened on my old ford to is it a big problem or easy to fix. also my fuel gauge i dont think its correctn ive only done just over 100km dont no how much in miles but its already past quater way is this normal or is there something wrong wit it???

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the old school preludes had 4ws meaning the rear wheels turned as well for better handling.

what all years did they made the 4 wheel steer. i know they made it in the 90s (obviously) and 93-96??? just curious


ohhhh and welcome, nice ride lol

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