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New 91 Honda Civic Hatch owner with a B-18A1 engine swap.


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Car started and ran fine then I got the Starter or the harness damp and it went to crap. Know the stater is good (been tested at Auto Zone) the motor still turns so its not froze. Battery is good. I turn the key and the starter does not engage nor turn so I checked the direct wiring in the engine bay and it all checks out. KNow I have the Battery in the trunk hooked direct to the Starter and the ISO fuse Block in the top left corner of engine bay is attached at the starter. All fuses at the ISO are good and have continuity

Problem's :

1 : I turn the key and here very small faint shocking sound either in or behind the Interior Fuse Box ?

2 : Stater will not engage nor spin but is still good. (been checked at Auto Zone.)

3 : Car was previously running great prior to getting harness and stater damp in engine bay while flushing the cars coolant system.

4 : Does anyone have the engine swap procedure's so I am able to follow back the step's from the wiring on ? (Make sure everything that should be hooked up !!!!! Is hooked up. I have tryed following the Haynes wiring diagram and it dont help with this engine in this car and these extra wire's.)

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did you check all fuses?

Yes all the fuses at the ISO box and the fuses at the under dash mounted fuse box all are showing good for continuity. Are there any in-line's along the fire wall I may have missed or even a relay. Or I wondered can the Interior Fuse Block go bad inside and how would I find out ? Ignition switch Etc. ? I have the Fuse block pulled down off its harness as well because I was checking for short's or bear wires. Any other good suggestions anything will help I am out of idea's and trying to save the money to go get t he electric diagnostically scanned.

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sounds like signal problem to me. where did the harness get damp? how damp? lol. make sure the small gauge wire is plugged on starter first , simple stuff. than check your main relay if i were you , could explain clicking. if that doesnt do it , try a known good ecu.

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