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Got a deal


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Well i wrecked my car recently and i figured i would just cut my losses and put the b18c1 into the del sol. then i was browsing Team Integra and a guy that lives maybe 50 miles away had his car stolen and stripped so he was selling the shell and i have all the parts to replace everything so i bought it and am about to start working on it. I guess i will just wait to do a swap into the Sol till after i finish with my integra.

















It will be some work but the car is a 95 and he said im the third owner and it only has 104000 miles on the body so i will just be glad to have an Integra again.


Im gonna repaint it before i start putting the engine and everything in and im gonna try to get a few other little things done to it.

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they took the bulbs but not the tail lights they stole the hatch and some other things but overall its a good shell and i have all the parts to fix it so im not worried im just gonna take my time and get it done right

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Funny, even thieves don't want homo-ass pedal covers, haha.


My friend bought a stolen car, pretty much looked the same, but has the seats and the trunk lid, but keyed up. I'm not sure if he personally put the seats in, but I don't think he did. I have a feeling you are going to be putting so much time and money into this that it won't be worth it, plus if you ever tried to sell it, no clean title. Plus, it's been stolen once, might go back again.



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Not reported to insurance means car was not ever considered "salvaged". AKA clean title.


I want to hurry up and start working on this. Hurry up and get it painted so we can get the thing swapped and running.


I dont think it will take much time or any more money really to have a clean teg.


I like those wheels.....

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what am i gonna spend money on i have all the parts for that integra in my wrecked integra so i only really have to buy oil and radiator fluid after i get everything swapped, and eh6td and i will be doing most of the work so costs will be at a minimum.

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