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damn motor problems


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Ok... You guys may have already heard this but here i go. I got an 88 CRX Si. The motor has evidently gone to crap. I replaced dizzy cap, rotor button, wires and plugs, had cam timing and ignition timing reset to stock, and had a new fuel pump put in. Well the problem is that the damn thing is draggin ass. Ill drop the clutch at 5 grand and the tach will go to 1500 and itll start to put put along. It wont have any pull at all until after 4 grand and even then its not what it normally is. I dont have the money to replace the motor just yet and am trying to keep it running as long as possible. Anybody got any ideas. By the way its a D16A6 in case your wondering. :(

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Check your fuel injecters, they may be faultly and not mixing enough fuel with air that's coming in....


Replace your fuel filter if it's clogged...


Do you know how to chack ignition timing??


Check for vacuum leakes...


did you try and gap your spark plugs, but gap them incorrectly?


it could be many things, be more specific.

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well the car is actually running rich so the injectors are good. fuel filter was replaced 3000 miles ago. and the plugs are gapped at .044 just like theyre supposed to be. but no i dont know how to check the igntion timing a guy i know said he set it to stock but i cant tell. how do i do it.

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