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Car turns over, then dies


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so the last two days i've started my car, everything turns over, it revvs to 2K, then dies.


I have a new air filter, oil change, distributer cap/rotor, and spark plugs/wires...


what's the deal?


i though that maybe b/c it's 90 degrees here and it's old, because it starts great when it's 75 and below... :dry:

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Usually, and see that I said usually, it won't start at all with relay trouble. Most likely you need the electrical portion of the ignition switch...it's connected to the back of the key cylinder in the steering column.

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I just went through this problem. . .and tried everything to finally figure out that it was the ignition switch. It's an easy fix once you figure out that that's it.

How to make sure that's your problem:

1) Remove the plastic cover on the steering column. . .

2) You will notice on the opposite side of the key hole is a white/black plastic piece with several large wires running into it. There are two screws holding it in; remove them.

3) Remove the white piece. You should see five metal plates. . .

4)If this is what's causing your problem, you will probably see a metal plate in it that has arched (the chrome conductive cover has worn off)


If this is your problem, you will need to replace it. You can solder over the spot but it will only last a couple of days. . . The cheapest place to get the part, suprisingly, is acura. They can do next day shipping also:)


The new part will come with a new wiring harness already soldered to it:) This makes it very easy to replace and it should only run you about 60 bucks

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