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Terrible Fuel Economy - V6 2004 Accord 4dr


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I have an almost 2 year old 2004 V6 Honda Accord with ~14k miles. I have been getting roughly 28-31mpg on the highway since I bought the car, but have never gotten good city mileage. I drive very conservatively (not tearing off the line, not accelerating aggressively) and my mileage is around 14mpg. At first I thought it was because the car was new, and disregarded it during the first 6 months, as I didn't put very many miles on the car. Its many months later and the problem persists. I have taken it in for service a number of times and explained the problem, and I get "we can't find anything wrong" every time. I use 87 octane in my car, drive 6 city miles a day...



Anyone having the same problem/any suggestions?

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