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how many people on this site own a prelude?


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One of my friends has a black 97 with an h22 vtec and atts, is it? or was it attv or ... idk, the traction control thing. best I can do. sorry man, I like my convertible.

ATTS active torque transfer system.


oh well..... just me i guess..... get your mate to join the site lol

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well everytime I drink I usually get laid so whats not to like about partying LOL

I'm married, so that happens a lot anyways!! I'm not knocking drinking, I do it too, but don't you think spending well over $75 A NIGHT is excessive? I feel bad,cuz it's usually because he picks upall the leeches tabs, at his own expense, all the time. By now, his car could be tits!!!

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