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Equalizer Question


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Hi everyone,


I have asked this same question at the Accord section which harvested zero answer. Since, this is the right place to raise this question, may I ask the stereo and sound system experts such as yourselves your opinion abou this small problem of mine.


I have modified my stock car stereo and speakers with the following:


1. Pioneer Stereo - mid range/quality type - with built-in equalizers and line-in jack for ipod;

2. Speakers - Sony - 250 watts;

3. Tweeters;

4. 12" Visonk Subwoofer System;

5. Visonik Amps;


Now, I wanted to buy a separate eq unit. A Pioneer DEQ 9200 which has DSP (Digital Sound Processor), Auto adjust or whatever nice cool feature. My supplier/installer told me that I need it for sound clarity and better performance. I listen to different types of music depending on my mood. Most of the time I listen to my pop, hip-hop or rock CD/ipod mp3's but sometimes listen to jazz or classical.


If I listen to jazz or classical sound quality doesn't seem to be picking up. My impression is that, if I buy this pioneer deq and reading from the specs of the device, it should do it automatically for me.


My question is this, would I need this gizmo and improve the sound quality inside my car. What benefits would I get from one such as this aside from having a nice in-dash console?


Are there any substitutes that I could use that is cheaper? I need an in-dash unit that would snug completely into my car. Thanks a lot folks!


Kind regards,

Luke :o

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Basically what you are asking is if you need an aftermarket equilizer aside from the one in your deck? if so then no. you don't need it really.. If you want better clarity and sound, i suggest you upgrade your speakers (midbass and tweeters) and get an amp to push those. Since clairty is your goal, see if you can get 2-way speakers for your door speakers (5.25" or 6.5") and your rear speakers (5x7" or 6x9").

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