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Weak VTEC???

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I have a 99 Civic with a 99 GSR engine converted to OBD-1 using an OBD-1 P72 ecu. I was talking to my friend and he says he thinks I have weak VTEC. He says that could be caused by the secondary butterflies not working properly. I mean I can hear them kick in everytime I take it to high RPM's so to me they are working properly. Is there anyway I can find out if they are not working right or if I have weak vtec?

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why did you convert to OBD1?

I converted to OBD1 b/c the shop already had my car long enough and I wanted it back and they said that an OBD-2 GSR ECU would not work with my stock harness so I had to either use an Si ECU which would take away the secondary runners or convert to OBD1 so I said fawk it and converted to OBD-1. After I did that I talked to the place I bought the engine from and they said I could use an OBD-2 GSR Ecu but it had to be specialy made. I am still waiting on that.

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There is no such thing as weak VTEC.  It kicks in, end of story.  If the butterflies are opening, then that is not the problem.


Answer, your friend is an idiot.

If he is an idiot how did he do this:


Its a TSX/Type S Hybrid EG










EDIT: Read this



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