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Yup. Unless you like revving to 3000 rpms to get your car moving from a stop. If you really need a higher grip clutch then just buy the clutch and use the stock flywheel after you get it machined. Keep in mind that using a clutch with more holding power than you need will wear out faster, cost more, and be of no benefit.

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Action doesn't use stages.


You need the Action 1MD and the Fidanza 7 pound.


There is nothing wrong with a 7 pound flywheel, it's not even a "race" flywheel. I can take off in my car from a stop at 1,200 RPM, you don't have to rev it to 3,000 unless you just don't know how to drive.


I would never use a lightened stock flywheel for racing purposes.


PM'd you with prices for these parts.

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