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the Sol and the Civic

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I was bored today and took some pics of my cars.


'94 del Sol VTEC and '89 Civic Si.



the paint is a bit on the crappy side







back of the Sol. you can see a tiny bit of the wreckage on the Civic in this pic.



the brain of the Sol





brand new headlights. yay.


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it is tuning software, i just spent $523 upgrading to a newer version. it offers a way of datalogging, and may other little things that can help your car to run better, you can read all about it at hondata.com

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it would run better. its more for modified cars than stock. i wouldnt spend the cash on it if i were near stock.


is your car OBD 1 or OBD 2? cause i have my old hondata system thats pretty basic i could sell you cheap if you want to try it out.

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