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F18A3 engine running concerns

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Require technical help on a Rover (ooooh....) 600 series fitted with the F18 engine. The car surges between 1500 and 1700rpm, there are no trouble codes stored and the cars drives fine elsewhere in the rev range. We have blanked the EGR valve but this hasmade no difference, the plugs etc ahve been replaced - again with no effect.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.




Dave c/o Automotive Services

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I'm not sure why you are asking for help with a 600 series Rover on a Honda website. I'm not very familiar with Rover. Do they use honda engines or something? I highly doubt it but F18A3 sounds like a honda engine code (although not actually one I know of). You might have better luck on a website like www.club-rover.com or somwhere like that.

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