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yo!! im gonna go to vegas with some homies ob mine and my gf.. gonna br a dope trip.. wont be back till sundday.. and im leaving tonight with 250 ta gamble.. im the only old enough to gamble there.. sucks for the rest.. sightseeing.. lol :laugh:


and were driving in my friends rsx and my gfs tc.. i cant drive til next thursday =/ since my licence will be suspended starting tomorrow..


suspended from 2 FTAs and becuase i have alot of points on my record. i think like 7, and 8 is max points you can get if you drove more then 3 years so il have my licence back next week..


were stayin at the balogieo(or how ever the fucck you spell it).. i wanna watch tha UFC fighting but tickets over there are a fortune >_<

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pride fighting is like a step down below UFC right, like its some of the same guy, but its in a boxing ring??

ahh my bad, i wanted to watch UFC..

uhh not really, pride is in japan, its more like a slight step down, also its a differnt style of fighting, and more rules at pride too. UFC has like almost no rules so anything gose except like headbutt to the head or low blows, except if by accedent or somecrap.. personally i like UFC because i just like grabbling moves like this one guy twisted this guys tose and the other guy beged for mercy that was funny lol

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