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    D16Z6 swap, Megan Header, Intake (Ebay pipe with K&N filter), Custome (2.5in) exhaust, Jun chipped ECU, FPR, Exedy Clutch, Fidanza Flywheel, GSR brake conversion w/ drilled and slotted rotors, plugs and wires, Tokico HP shocks/struts paired w/ Tein S Tech springs, Blox Short shifter, Blox shifter knob, Momo Steering wheel, Nrg short hub and quick relese, And some sounds....
  1. daaamn sry the laptop brok havent had any internet source for a while but anyway the accord didnt go through dont know if i stated that before..but we did end up getting a 05 VW jetta 2.0 auto sedan...dont have any pics right now cuz its been snowing lately but ill get some asap its a darker red with tan interior...its pretty nice ran us about 10k and has 49k on it
  2. yea its the v6 model..and the only reason its auto is because its gona be mainly my GIRLFRIENDS car not mine lol
  3. yea i would prefer black or white and a stick but its for the girlfriend.....for the most part hahahaha...but its clean and i think were jus gona add tint wheels and some sounds :drool: ..if we end up geting it
  4. Really i like the accords lol the new ones are really nice but dont have the funds for one of those lol
  5. Sorry >_< Here ya go What ya think :drool:
  6. yea i plan on it bt for an 01 it has lower miles than most of the other cars weve been looking at even newer cars like 05's
  7. Ok well the girlfriend wants to go check out this 01 Accord EX very clean has 51000 miles red outsied tan leather inside the dealership is asking 12000 for it what do yall think about this price??
  8. TEIN FTW lol but skunk2 is a great name brand i was happy with everything i ordered from them for my previous 91 teg
  9. SNooPYjdm


    HAHAHAHAHAHA wow thats all i can say good thing obama won
  10. daamn i felt stupid when i opened this but then again ive never been good at math....... >_<
  11. momo FTW with a quick relese even better and if you can do custom orders and put the green stitch in that would be sick :drool: mine is the basic red stitch but its still sexy
  12. hahahahahahahahaha i was just watching that shiit earlier hahaha
  13. Agreed its gona take the effort of everyone in the country not jus the effort of one man with the tittle of president regaurdless who would of won...and i do agree that we will need to spend money to make money
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