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  1. s_adbell

    Whose still uses this forum?

    I move to replace that with LeTang. Rawr.
  2. s_adbell

    Whose still uses this forum?

    Wu Tang Jeez has this place died. I miss all you bitches. Especially you, Jordan. You sexy man child, you.
  3. s_adbell

    Checking in...

    Is he gone? I liked the studebaker though.
  4. s_adbell

    2012 HF Meet

    I say.. I'm flaking.
  5. s_adbell

    Checking in...

    :tumbling tumbleweeds:
  6. s_adbell

    2012 HF Meet

    It was 81 here today. This is the most fracked up weather ever.
  7. s_adbell

    I am back!

    ho's and crack always pay massive dividends.
  8. Yep, NOS stickers. Good for 5 HP gain, minimum.
  9. s_adbell

    I am back!

    You need to diversify your funds.
  10. s_adbell

    2012 HF Meet

    We had 3 decent snows, most melted in a couple days, one layed a couple weeks. They were bad enough that I took the truck. Apparantely the plow drivers forgot their jobs when faced with the rare snowfall..
  11. s_adbell

    I am back!

    Wu Tang financial meeting.
  12. s_adbell

    2012 HF Meet

    Its been beautiful here too. Lamest winter if you like snow.
  13. s_adbell

    I am back!

    PM sent I just found out that a bar I used to frequent now has "Bacon Wednesday." Which means instead of having peanuts or pretzels or popcorn or whatever, they set out plates of free bacon. How awesome is that? They embraced the power of bacon.
  14. s_adbell

    I am back!

    Not really, I'll try checking in more often I don't have facebook. Lol, why make a new thread, Its a waste of space. Lets see, engaged, Sex is great. I work for him now, so technically I screw my boss.
  15. s_adbell

    Have a Looksie

    I looked. I think your arms are bigger than my head.

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