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TuneUp on 1992 Honda Accord DX


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hey everyone, my parents own a 92 accord dx, its been sitting in portugal for about 2 years now without being used, its in great condition, only 30,000 miles, i'm gonna be going to portugal on vacation and i would like to give it a tuneup, i'm pretty good mechanicaly, but have never worked on a honda before, i wanna keep it basic, just swap plugs, put new battery in it, and fuel treatment, shouldn't need anything else to be ready to go, my question is what kind of spark plugs should i throw in there? what do i gap them at? is there anything else i should do it it? thanks in advanced,


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92 with 30k Sweeett dude

i bought my 92 with 6500 and ive had it for 2yrs and have 102k...i kno..i frackin killed that car..but the motor only has about 40k :ph34r:

yeah, i'm not really into the whole import thing, but i know that honda makes great motors, my parents currently own a 04 civic ex that they drive every day, never had any problems with any honda's they have owned in the past

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