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Should I buy?


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hey guys im looking @ a family integra that i might get i was sure i would but after finding some i guess minor stuff i wanted to see what others thought and could suggest what i do, anyways here are the specs:


1990 Acura Integra

GS Model

240 Kms approx 160,000 miles



Silver/baby blueish color

CD Player

Sony XPlod subs (about 500 watt with amp)

Accidents? (havent checked yet will check out VIN and ask)

Uncle bought the car off my other uncle about a month ago

most kms are high way kms

Car seems to run well and accelerate good also


The price im looking @ is from 1000 to about 2000 CDN about 822 to 1,643 USD. Mostly cuz its family and since im a student with no job...at the moment


I wanted to know if it worth it. I have driven it for the past 3 days and noticed no problems except that when it idles it shakes a bit but i searched that up and found out i'll need a new idle control valve. However last night my uncle was driving instead of me and the battery light came on off on stayed on off again and he thinks its the alternator.


Also he was saying the tranny is getting old so somtimes the light on the guage doesnt come on say the gear say R or it takes a few secs. But like i said i havent really had a problem with it or seen anything besides the idle although i can say with the high kms that thing can still speed pretty good. As my uncle pretty much gunz it down a lot.


Sorry for the long stuff but i just wanted to know what someone else thinks.. like i said everything seemed fine for me no signals or any problems for when i drive. So i hope someone can lend me some tips for checking stuff and if i should go for it. thanks.

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If the tranny is about to blow out, I wouldn't buy that thing for more than $1,500. Tranny is an expensive job (around $400-500). Alternator job could also be expensive (around $300 or so). Not sure about the idle valve thing. Not to mention that the car already has 160,000 miles on it (but depending on how they maintained it, that thing should reach 200,000+ miles).


But yeah, assuming that these problems emerge within the near future, you can expect to add another $800 on top of your buying price. You should probably base your decision on the expectation that something will break down, so at least you're prepared for it. Just my two cents.

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Well the tranny works fine on say the D drive but i think as its getting old it doesnt want stress on it say reversing on a downhill it does it fine but my uncle was saying something about that cuz he parks the car so the wheels turned and onto the sidewalk and lets it rest on the side instead of parking the wheels straight not beause it might roll or move down if it was hit or anything..


2ndly i just really need it to get me around for a yr or 2 for skool and general things. I'll still check the VIN this week and well i drove it seemed fine no problems but my uncle told me about the stuff i posted other wise so far i havent experienced them myself.

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