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After markjet tail lights for a 1991 honda prelude


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i dont think there is any after market 1991 prelude lights but irf there is can anyone tell me where? also is it possible to put after market 5th gen prelude tail lights on a 91 lude by modyfyingwhere the original tail lights are because iive seen some ludes with diff tail lights on so i was jus wondering? please comment thanx for the help.

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Hey, I've been having the same problem as you. I myself have a 89 'lude, and it's hard to find parts for my car. Unfortuneately, there are absolutely NO aftermarket tail lights or head lights for our cars. The only way you are gonna get something like that is by doing some major body work with some fiberglass kits. If you'd like i can show you some examples of what i'm talking about, but as for company-made aftermarket visual parts for our model preludes, the only thing you can do really is rims, a few body kits (they'll be expensive too) and possibly a door conversion kit or two. send me an email if you want this info, because i've got to do major work to my car to get it looking like that.


And yes, you can put the newer style prelude lights on your car, but like i said, you'll have to do major fiberglass body work. I've seen a nsx's tail lights on a 89 lude and it looks tight as hell. I'll send you the pics after you contact me. later and good luck.



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