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Interest In A Rev Hard Tubo Kit Group Buy?

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Need at least 5 confirmed buyers for the GB to work. More details to come, as for now, I'm just gauging interest. Pricing would definitely be less than or equal to pricing on the link above, only stipulation is that i'd need the money upfront.


Rev Hard has been on the leading edge of high quality and high performance turbocharger kits for Civics, CRXs, Integras, Vtecs, and Hybrids since 1992. Narrowing down the scope of their research and development to these selected cars, allows Rev Hard to design the best high performance turbo kit for your dollar. For whatever degree you wish to push your Honda or Acura, Rev Hard has a turbo kit for you.





88-91 Civic/CRX (D Series Motors)

88-91 Civic/CRX (B Series Motors)

92-00 Civic (D Series Motors)

92-00 Civic (B Series Motors)

90-93 Integra

94-00 Integra

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