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help on keepin in the sony xplod unit inside...

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i did the installation right to install my sony xplod unit...but seeing how i got a double din. well, the damn thing won't stay on top that storage space w/e u call it and falls out whenever i like to drive aggressively with my accord. any suggestions?


in case you wanted information.


1990 honda accord lx

sony xplod cd receiver head unit cdx-4000x


need some help here, i'm gonna just rip the s**t out of it keeps annoying me.

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i can. stolen cd player...and stolen bottom storage space that holds my cd player...


now i got my sights on a cda7892...and need a another storage thing (forgot what's it called)


next time a f*cker tries to steal my car, he's gonna be on videotape with nightvision. then i'm going chase him and maul his ass. f*ck the usual beatin, i'm going to actually maul every joint, muscle, and bone of his ever fragile essence of living.



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