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if you have the money and the time, then you can attempt the V8 swap.


fitting the engine is the easy part. converting the vehicle to RWD is hard. a gy i know in NJ did that to a daytona and he said "NEVER AGAIN" it was such a PITA.


if i had a V6 accord i would hook up a nic big turbocharger. i hat when people say " but big turbos lag." that's what i want. if you can spin your wheels at launch then you have plenty of torque to get moving. adding more torque off the line will just lead to traction problems. it's best if the turbo doesnt kick in till about 2500-3000 rpm depending on the motor and the setup. bigger turbo=more air at higher rpms where it's needed and can make massive amounts of HP.

did any of you see the white civic in NJ? it's a built 4cyl with a massive turbocharger and it dynos at 1100 whp!!

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Will I have to buy motor mounts? Will it fit okay? How would I switch it to rwd?





any info would be appreciated.

that's why it's called custom. ther are no "kits" out there to do this. you need to buy everything you need and fabricate everything to make it work.


i believe the daytona used a 360ci V8 and a ford 9" rear.


there are a lot of things you will need to buy. you will have to upgrade the suspension (much stronger springs since the V8 is heavier).

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1965- 426 Wedge Block engine with block, crank, heads, intake with carb. Asking $5,000



1996-2000 Model 454 Factory Production Engine

They're back! We are putting 20 more of these engines on sale.

Brand new - Fuel injected, exhaust manifolds, water pump, some sensors, distributor, automatic flexplate, and plugs & wires. You can use a carburetor on this engine, but yes, you need an intake and standard distributor.

We have 20 more of these engines, we just obtained from GM, to offer to our web site visitors and for $95.00 less than the last time we had them on sale.

Only 15 left now.

This engine does not include the computer or wiring harness! These can be purchased and are available for non-factory installations.


1996-2000 Model

7.4L, V8, 295 HP and 385 Ft/Lbs Torque




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Vendor: Recon Performance Engines

Product Line: Recon 350 Chevy Crate Engines

Material: Cast Iron

Finish: Black


Affordable horsepower.


Chevrolet: 350, 350 HP, assembled engine


This 350 HP dyno-tested Chevy 350 features a 4-bolt block (honed with deck plates), cast crankshaft, Keith Black hypereutectic pistons, I-beam connecting rods with ARP bolts, Melling high volume oil pump, a Crane 222/234 degrees duration hydraulic camshaft, Clevite main and rod bearings, and Fel-Pro gaskets. You also get World Products Sportsman II heads, Pioneer 1.5 ratio rockers, Eldelbrock Performer RPM intake, Dynagear double roller timing chain, oil pan, valve covers, and a timing cover. Dyno sheet included.







Sound Good?

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Allows installation of popular Chevrolet V8 engines into earlier frames

Pads for left- or right-hand mount sold separately

For Chevrolet 265-350 small block V8 engines

Adjusts to frame widths of 24" to 37", like Roadsters and Chevy pickups. Some welding required, includes brackets.





NOTE: The SKU number shown below will differ from the SKU number you see in our catalog. However, it is the appropriate Internet reference SKU for the item. See example






(All Models)

265-350 small block V8 engines Universal Fram


e Motor Mounts




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