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Interchangeable ECU's


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I have a 95 civic dx thats coming close to 100K. the Engine is pretty much shot because of 5yrs hard driving (nitrous, redlining etc). A close friend of mine offered to give me his 97 civic hx engine tranny and ecu, because he upgraded to a JDM. He used his wiring harness that he had and just added the extra wiring. I cant seem to find the wiring harness for that VTEC-E engine anywhere. I was wondering if i could use the p28 ODB1 computer with the VTEC controller on that ODB2 engine, and run the extra wires. will that control the VTEC-E properly? or does anyone know where i can find a wiring harness for a D16Y5?

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ok well, i sat down in my couch today and did the thinking man for about a half an hour and figured something pretty interesting. If anyone knows anything about VTEC-E's let me know if im wrong...the somewhat fuel efficient (what the E stands for) runs on a lean burn system only running 1 intake valve at low rpm and then kicking in VTEC at a higher rpm using both intake valves. So really at low rpm's your engine is only running on 12 valve's, this helps fuel comsumption.


These problems would come if you try to run the p28 ecu..... First of all the computer would send too much fuel to the intake at low RPM's thinking that the engine is using both intake valves like the regular VTEC, and second the VTEC-E starts using both intake valves around 2500 rpms, the p28 Ecu is set to kick in vtec i think around 4500-500 rpms, there would be significant power loss if i were to try to run on 12 valves in that rpm range. I guess you can get around this with a VTEC controller and a AFM controller, but those are performace parts and im just trying to get the car to perform. The other solution i had was to use the 97 EX engine wiring harness which is ODB2 so it'll work with the P2N ecu and it should have all the sensor hookups and there really wouldnt be a problem with the VTEC as far as wiring is concerned. Now the question i have is will an 97 ODB2 wiring harness hookup to properly to my car. Or will that setup even work?

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