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In the Honda market.


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I am in the market for a CRX. I am trying to build a track car. I do not care to much about how it looks, I really just need it to perform. I am also on a pretty tight budget. My question for you is, is there a fairly cheap body kit that acctually improves airflow of the car or are they all just for looks? I have also heard to go with a front lip in attempt to move air over the car instead of under it.


My current plans are to find a very cheap CRX $500-800 (I found one 7 miles away from me but it sold before I called the guy!!!!!!!!). Then drop in a B16A SiR-II. (Like everyone else)


My second question for you is what exhaust would you recomend. I just need it to perform, I do not care about sound, looks etc.


I have seen these air intakes advertised that are like a wide tube (ussually made of carbon fiber) that say they get air from the bottom of the car. It sounds good in theory but do they work as good as advertised?


Would you recomend I replace the windows with plexiglass? I see alot of track cars with plexiglass windows but I am not sure how expensive and practical this is for someone as new to this as I am.


Is there any certain suspension set up you would recomend? Once again I do not care about looks or "pimp factor". I just need the car to handle.


As for wheels I was considering the Weld Racelite r/s wheels. They are said to be very light, 12lbs. They also have the bullet hole look which IMO looks good on a crx. I know I just ranted and raved about how I don't care about looks but hey, I can kill two birds with one stone with those rims!!


I will need to build a rollcage. Does anyone maybe have some photos that I could look at to get an idea of where to weld the cage to? I saw something in a Honda magazine but the pictures weren't great.


In that same magazine they had a fire extinquisher that shot foam onto the driver and engine. Do I need this to start or is this something I do down the road?


Sorry for the rambling, I am jsut asking questions as they come to me. Let me know what you think!!! :thumbsup:

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