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89 LS needs help


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Ok, so I got a 89 LS that I want to sell and I want to fix it up a little before I do that. One thing is it eats a couple quarts of oil on long hard drives like to LA and back, I was thinking the valve cover seal but do you guys think it could be something else?


also the hydrolics on the back door don't work after a spoiler was added and I was wondering about how much replacements for those are?

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Well, I'll start with the easy one first: The lifts can be bought at Pep Boys at a pretty reasonable price, that's not a big deal. Now for the hard one: If it's only the vavle cover its only a matter of replacing the rubber gasket(20 mins tops) but the eating oil on long trips sounds like it could be something more serious, you should see if it's smoking when it's hot, then it's probably the rings which could be pretty costly(I'd sell it and tell the new owners about it)but we'll hope for the best on this one.....

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