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Just got a 1990 prelude, have few questions


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Well hello, I recently bought my uncle's 1990 prelude SI w/ the 2.1 for a daily driver and have a few questions about where I can find a few things for it.


Does any company make clear side lenses for them? I tried ebay and google searching and didn't come up with anything. Also, where could I find a new foglight lense/housing? The driver's side is cracked and yellowed. The dealer wanted 150 bucks for just the one side, which I think is ridiculous.


Also, I am about to order some 17 inch Nakayama Phantom GT-Rs for it, will I have any trouble fitting them? And what offset should I get?


Are there any "body-kits", that are not overkill, that just extend the front, sides, and rear about an inch or two, to give it that lowered look.


I am new to honda's and really would like to get this one looking pretty nice.



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