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hey all,

just joined this forum and thought I would make my debut with a question. It's quite an irritating problem and I hope it bugs you too. I got a 93 Accord LX for about $700 from a friend. After about 4 months of driving this car, I have come to hate this friend. But that's not the point. I have noticed several problems: first, an engine misfire. It's VERY noticeable at low speeds and even more so with sudden acceleration. My next problem lies in the 55m.p.h. and above range. About there, my steering wheel starts to shake pretty bad and I get this loud noise coming from my passenger front wheel whell. The shake doesn't jerk my car or anything, but it does make it difficult to hold the wheel. Now with what I have figured out. The brake rotor is not warped. My spark plug wires are near-new bosch 8mm wires and the plugs are fine. Recently replaced the alternator (what fun THAT was.), and the distributor is going strong. I did find that the end-link bushings for the sway-bar were GONE. As in, not there at all. *takes a deep breath* Now the things that I need you, the reader, to figure out is what else could be causing all of my problems. Oh yeah, my car is a 5-speed and has no throw out bearing for 3rd gear(quite interesting, I might add). So any ideas. Thanks to all for reading this and even more thanks to those who respond. 8)

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