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NEEDS HELP! Harmonic Balancer replacement

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I'm trying to replace the harmonic balancer off my prelude since it's wobbling. I grabbed a new (used) one off of another 5th gen prelude but it won't fit nicely on my sprocket like my old one does. I checked the inner diamater of both the harmonic balancers and they are roughly the same (it was hard to measure correctly because of the ridges). Visually I can see the ridges on the old one is more worn out the the new one so maybe thats why? Should I just impact gun it in and then torque to spec? Also if I put them next to each other one of them has 2 holes design on it while the other one doesn't have, what is the difference? Should I impact gun it in since maybe it doesn't fit cause the new pulley was barely used?

Links to pictures:


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