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2017 V6 transmission problems?


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Wife's car. 2017 Honda Accord V6 Auto. 66k miles.
The following is as much info as I can get from her because it doesn't act up for me.
We bought the car 2 years ago used, it doesn't get a ton of miles. It's currently at 66k miles.
Car has an intermittent problem. It seems like transmission related to me. Sometimes, from initial start, it will shift hard and lurch into gear? Then on the highway it'll be stuck at 4,000rpm like its not shifting. 
This has happened at least twice.
The last time she pulled off the highway after 20 minutes of this. She shut the car off, restarted, and the remainder of her drive(10-15minutes) was fine.

I checked the trans fluid after the first time she was cruising down the highway at 4k rpm and it seemed about three times higher than it should be on the dipstick, I drained and filled the trans, it's 3.3 qts or so. Didn't seem to make a difference.

Any ideas?

Can anyone confirm this is not a CVT?
Can anyone confirm the fluid check protocol I found: Run until the cooling fan cycles once, shut off, wait 60-90 seconds then check the fluid?

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