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04 Accord EX Alternator issues


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3.0 V6 with 143k miles.

Last spring I began noticing on left turns that my car would have issues accelerating until i straightened out my car. I also noticed less frequently that when at a stop, my car would have difficulties shifting gears when i would accelerate. Brought it to a mechanic in June thinking my rebuilt transmission was going out, he tested my transmission and found nothing wrong with the transmission. Computer tests showed everything was fine.
About a month or two ago it began getting worse, my car would stop accelerating and my car would suddenly lose power like the brakes were being hit. RPM's would plummet and then in a split second it would regain power. Then a few weeks ago i began having issues with my radio and navigation system not turning on or turning off mid drive. Now prior to all these issues, last March i was driving and my front axle snapped (corrosion from the MN winters). Given these issues popped up after this incident, I think they are connected.

I have also noticed my alternator does sound much louder when its running and when I drive uphill, I get a burning rubber/plastic smell.
Not sure if related; but last summer my AC stopped working, but the fans would engage, and the blowers were working. But this spring after I began having issues when turning, that my fan and blowers had also stopped working.

I used a multimeter tool, my battery tested fine, the battery connection to the alternator tested fine. But when i tested the case of the alternator which is supposed to be grounded, I get zero volts. Nothing visually wrong or unusual when I inspected the cables.

I suspect my alternator is going out, but i have a strong feeling it could be some electrical issues, and something got damaged or knocked loose when the axle snapped. Any advice? if its the alternator I can fix that myself but i don't know anything when it comes to the computer and electrical components of the car.

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