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okay im confused on what to buy


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Hey guys its me again. Here are my plans for an integra, im going to get an integra and turbo charge it. I dont know if i plan on going all out and balancing the engine to accept larger amounts of boost (more that 8 psi). I was told that the Integra to get was a GSR but ive also heard that if you want to turbo charge it (like me) than the LS would be a better choice. Im really serious about getting one, im in the process of selling both my trucks in order to get one. Also what are the differences between a LS and a GSR I know the GSR has VETC but is that the only difference in the engines. How about the GSR 5-speed and the LS 5-speed, is there any difference in the two? Thanks a lot for putting up with me. :)



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big difference is price. LS's are cheaper, GSR's are more rare and more expensive.


LS has taller gearing

LS has a lower compression ratio


here go here




LS motor is B18B

GSR is B18C1


that should basically let u know of the differences between the two motors and trannies.


its really up to u. with the LS lots of ppl boost to around 10 psi, 12psi, even 15psi safely on stock internals, providing u use higher octane (93) and u can tune ur fuel on a dyno. I probably wouldnt go more than 10 ish.


since the gsr has a higher compression ratio u can boost as high.


i remmeber seeing a dyno of an ls motor on i think 12 psi make about 250 whp. that's pretty damn good. good enuff for high 12s, low 13s in a heavy ol integra

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