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H22 Valvetrain issues

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I am building an H22 600+ hp Prelude
I bought the h22 skunk2 valvetrain package on swapshopracing.com
It came with 344-05-1300 spring and retainer kit
All the research I have done says the b and h springs are similar. The kit from swapshop also came with the spring bases 312-05-0015. I did some homework and also contacted swapshop. They say they have sold this kit for years with no issue.
According to skunk2s website the 312-05-0015 bases should be used with pro b springs. My question here is what issues will I run into using these bases with b series alpha springs. My top end build consists of h22 p13 head, ported and polished, 3 angle valve job, crower stage 2 turbo cams, skunk2 alpha springs for b series?, skunk2 spring bases( for pro springs )?, ferrea valve guides, skunk2 titanium retainers, crower intake and exhaust valves. Long story short the supposed h22 kit I bought off swapshop claims and backed up by technical support that it will still work for an h22. The kit came with b series springs 16 of them not 8, alpha ti retainers and spring seat bases for pro springs. Out of curiosity what seat bases you supposed to use for alpha springs if skunk2 doesn't sell any? I don't have oem ones. If there was a thread on spring bases I apologize.
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