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As far as to which header of choice this may help you out.

It will all depend on where you want the added power.

For High Range Power go with the 4-1 header. You will notice most when your VTEC kicks in.


If you want to have more low to mid range power go with the 4-2-1.

This was my choice since I am very confident with the power band once VTEC kicks in and I wanted some more low end power.


I have the DC Sports Ceramic 4-2-1 and I am happy with it.


But...remember this, if you plan to go Turbo in the future and you still decide to purchase the header now, know that you will no longer be using your aftermarket header once you move to Turbo.


Just my two cents. L8

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i dont really buy into the whole 4-1 = top end 4-2-1 = mid range talk.



Why? Toda racing and SMSP, two of the best flowing honda aftermarket headers are of a 4-2-1 design.


I think it has much more to do with tubing diameters, quality of the welds and merges of the tubing, and COLLECTOR sizes rather than the basic 4-1 or 4-2-1 designs.


these are stock graphs (stock internals, i think it had an exhaust and intake)


DC JDM is a 4-1 design with 2.5" collector. Type1 is a 4-2-1 design with a 2.5" collector.




Type 1 Vs Toda 4-2-1...



more graphs here: http://www.automotiveperformanceengineerin...com/header.html


SMSP 4-2-1



Peak Numbers (don't mean much but for the sake of argument..)


Toda 4-2-1: 190/137

Type 1 4-2-1: 186/137

DC JDM 4-1: 187/137

SMSP 4-2-1: 190/136


So what am I trying to say?


IMO, i don't think that 4-2-1 and 4-1 designs make any kind of real difference...


4-2-1's put out more peak hp and tq than 4-1's did, and there was no discernible loss in the low or mid-range..

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well not to be rude but thats the way it was with mine. i had a mugen 4-1 straight through with a custom after cat exhaust and a high flow cat. i was getting way top end but when i got my 4-2-1 header i had lots more torque than normal cause i could stick it in first and floor it and smoke the tires. i couldnt do that w/ the 4-1

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