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2001 Honda Accord NO green key light / no crank/no start (SOLVED)


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Hey guys. Brand new here but I wanted to share this with you in case anyone is having this issue. The problem I had with my 2001 Accord 205k odo was that i would put the key into the ignition and the green key light indicator on the dash would not show up, not with the factory key or aftermarket. I was told many different things but did end up finding and fixing the issue myself. I would have to turn the key back on forth from the off/on position over and over until eventually the green light came on, when it did, it was a guaranteed start. Also, all accessories in the car would function it just didn't appear to be recognizing my key. It ended up being the PGMFI main relay under the steering wheel that needed to be replaced. Its a very cheap part & the great thing is you can try this for free at autozone & if it doesn't work they will refund you. I hope this video helps someone because it took me a very long time to find this info before the issue was fixed...like i got lucky someone mentioned it as a possibility on reddit. Best of luck i will post the video.


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