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New member, looking to buy a Civic of one type or another


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I've been looking at the Civic for a long lasting practical yet fun to drive daily driver.

I love the Type r but it's a bit too expensive and overly aggressive for me, I never track it or race or anything, it would be purely for my fun.
That led me to look at the Integra and Civic Sport touring.

The problem I am having is I don't trust the 1.5 with turbo in either the sport touring, the SI or the other vehicles it is offered in.
I prefer the 2.0 liter for proven reliability without the oil issues.

The turbo on a 1.5 liter is a motor several mechanics have advised me to avoid.

If I were to keep the car 3 years then turn it in, I wouldn't think twice about it, but I do want to keep the car for a while.
I am thinking I might just buy the sport with the 2.0 158 hp version for now, pay it off in 24 to 30 months then see what has been released.
Maybe by then we will get a 2.0 turbo version in either the integra or Sport Touring versions.
I'm not about to red line the car anyway.

I drive a 2007 Nissan 350z now, I love the car and it is bullet proof after 155k and fun to drive every time, But I never dump the clutch or burn out, drift or red line the tach, ever.
So, I feel like I could live with a 2-liter turbo, have fun with it but not really push it to its limits ever.
A lot more car than I need yet would probably last a long time for me and be fun every day I take it out. So, I'm leaning toward buying the sport, paying it off then possibly turning it in on a Type r or Integra if they offer a 2.0-liter variant.
I know the Type r does, and maybe when I turn in the Sport, I can then add 8k or so to the deal on down pymt and then be able to afford the Type r at that point, so that is a possibility.

I prefer the Integra for the HUD, which seems stupid, but I Really like this feature and would like to see it in any new vehicle I buy after 2022.
I have a lot to learn, and I am sure many users' experiences here can help me decide and offer alternatives I hadn't considered.
I'll be lurking around reading/learning as much as I can.


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