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"Smart enter system" problem. The engine isn't starting.


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Hi there.

I have Accord 9, 2015.

I had a warning light on the dashboard, "Smart enter system", but the car worked correctly. It strained me, and I did a big stupid thing ). I looked on the Internet about how I can reset it.
I've done the following instructions:
Press the engine Start/Stop button again, hold for 5 seconds, and release.
After that, press your brakes, and start the car engine.

I've done it all, but the engine didn't start.
And he doesn't start after that, also.
The key fob is working, and he can open and lock the car; car system works (ACC and On modes), but the start engine isn't reacting. It looks like the start/stop button doesn't recognise the fob.

 Please advise what I can do in this situation. 
How can I roll back these changes, or how reprogramming the start/stop system back?

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